Wide-ranging experience to self-perform any project’s design and engineering work

Our Civil, Structural, and Electrical Professional Engineers will develop customer design solutions to ensure we exceed the project objectives. Spear C&I’s engineering process includes research, conceptualization, feasibility assessment, establishing design requirements, preliminary design, detailed design, production planning and project design, and solar energy bankable production models.


Spear's in-house civil, structural, and electrical engineers will work directly with your operations and facility teams to create a safe and effective solar and electrical designs. The Spear team has spent decades working on a variety of projects that help off-takers meet their energy savings and climate goals. We perform installation, interconnection and all testing, commissioning, and inspections of your solar or electrical system.

Valuable Analysis

Spear will analyze your utility expenditures or your expected energy usage, assess the  facility, and provide the best system recommendation based on local, state and federal incentives. We make sure to confer with our customers along the way to uphold their goals. We have capabilities to overlay solar PV production hourly production data on our customer’s historical load interval data to ensure we are properly sizing our PV and ESS systems and to quantify overproduction and Power Demand Savings.

Guaranteed Cost Savings

Our honesty and commitment the customer is what sets us apart. We like to live by our reputation when it comes to designing, engineering, and procuring solar systems. SCI will not move forward with a project that it cannot guarantee cost savings for.

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