Cutting out the middleman with direct procurement capabilities

Spear C&I has strong relationships and procurement agreements with major solar PV and ESS product manufacturers and balance of systems vendors. Our approved-vendor list contains tier 1 bankable manufacturing partners vetted for quality,  sustainability, financial strength, performance record, and warranties. We leverage our portfolio volume to allow us to offer our customers competitive pricing. 


It is no secret that supply constraints can impact the solar and electrical industries. To help mitigate this, we do not deal with any one particular manufacturer. This gives us more flexibility to meet any project’s specific design and timing constraints.

Superior Quality

Spear has strong relationships with high quality manufacturers of solar, energy storage and electrical equipment. Our experience in the industry allows us to thoroughly evaluate and secure the best possible pricing, warranties, and terms that can be passed down to the customer.

End-to-End Solution

As the turnkey developer, Spear works on every stage of the project with the customer. This allows us to provide honest communication at any stage of the project’s life cycle. Our top tier equipment manufacturer partnerships help produce long-lasting savings for our customers.

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