Service packages provided to ensure optimal system performance

The right O&M partner is one of the most important decisions impacting the projected returns for your solar project. Spear C&I has the technical expertise and decades of experience to optimize your system and reach your financial goals. Our team is committed to preserving the longevity of your system and will help you to make decisions towards protecting your investment. Our expert team will guide you through inspecting, troubleshooting, maintaining, or repairing your assets.


Spear provides routine maintenance services to maintain high performance from your solar system. This  includes vegetation and debris clearing, panel cleaning, and relevant pest control. We also have the capability to inspect, troubleshoot, and repair any damage or malfunctions that may occur to the solar installation over its lifetime.

Data Monitoring

As your long-term partner, we are focused and committed to optimizing your system availability and proactively repairing issues that impact system performance. We allow user-friendly visibility into your system’s performance with 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts to allow for quicker identification of any potential issues.

O&M Packages

We offer a variety of packages to keep your clean source of power running efficiently all year round. We provide specialists in key DG markets and draw on our team of engineers and technical experts to deliver comprehensive solar maintenance and operations service to asset owners.

Performance Guarantee

Spear guarantees that the system shall produce a “Guaranteed Initial System Output”, which means (kWh) output in the first year the System is operational commencing on the Final Completion Date, in the amount of Energy (kWh), AC output from the inverters, in accordance with the measurement procedures. This amount represents 95% of the Solar PV Projected Production.

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